2018 Fun Show

Another fun and successful event at the Fraser School of Driving in Deer Lodge, Montana. Dates were June 30 and July 1, 2018. We call this a Fun and Training Show because the drivers get to experience a mini- CDE (Combined Driving Event) with all three phases – Cones, Driven Dressage and Marathon. They run the courses on Saturday and are timed and judged with scores shared on Saturday evening at dinner. They get the chance to figure out what they can do to improve their scores and run the same course again on Sunday where they are again timed and scored. At a full fledged CDE if they do something wrong they get eliminated and that is the end of their competition, but here, if they do something wrong, they can still finish and try again. Of course, they won’t win any ribbons but they might get the “pickle” aware (a jar of dill pickles) or the “jam” award (a jar of jam) if they really screw up! It is all for fun and a chance to learn more about driving horses.  It may be a competition but it is mostly for fun – no pressure – and a lot of support and cheering from the other competitors who want everyone to do well.


Sarah Fiske, on the way to the Cones course, driving Misty and Mocha.

In no particular order by except first name –  I present:

Cindy Brengman driving Z Arne and A Stjerne a pair of Norwegian Fjords. Our daughter Myra Darty came to help with the show and had to fill in as a Groom/Navigator for Cindy, then Joanna took over that honor.


Doug Graves driving KK and Amalia a pair of Friesian mares. Danton Wallin was his  Groom/Navigator!



Eileen Wallin driving Moxie and Jeska her pair of Friesian mares. Lara was her Groom/Navigator.



Kris Fuller driving Sadie, a Norwegian Fjord of a different color. This was Sadie’s first event as a single horse. She did awesome! One of our volunteers didn’t show up so Alex Fraser had to Groom/Navigate for her.


LeeAnn Corlett driving Olive a Haflinger mare – Go Olive! Her Groom/Navigator was Kurt Tritten (I hope I spelled his name correctly).


Marian Powell driving Snickers and Dude. Wendy Martin came to pick up a horse but stayed the whole show as the Groom/Navigator for Marian. I think she had fun too!


Sarah Fiske is driving our pair of pony mares, Misty and Mocha, with John Henry as her Groom/Navigator.


Last but certainly now least is T-Bone (Steve Hardin) driving Marian Powell’s gypsy cob/vanners, Fiona and Hemingway. Our daughter, Myra Darty is his Groom/Navigator.


It was Fun for all and All for fun! Here are some random shots. We’d like to thank our sponsors and awesome volunteers! Without them, we could not do this show,  and especially a big thanks to Donika Shrauger for organizing this event even after she packed up her home in Bozeman to move to California. We will miss you Donika! Brenda Hill, Janene Grende and Lynn Courvile (I hope I spelled that correctly) came from Sandpoint, Idaho to help. Joanna from Bozeman, Kurt was part of the Go Olive team.


Hope we can do this again next year!  Thanks everyone!

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