The majority of our students are between the ages of 50 and 82 years. Many of them are not comfortable getting into the saddle any more but they don’t want to give up their horses so they want to learn how to drive them to stay connected. We love working with these people because they have a real desire  to learn and they are wise enough to know there is a reason you go to a professional instructor. Driving a horse is so different from riding for both the handler and the horse. It is necessary to learn a new way of communicating where your body language can’t be felt on the carriage seat ten feet behind the horse.

So when we find a young person who wants to learn to drive, we get excited because they are the new generation and without the continuing interest in driving horses, we are afraid it will go out of fashion and be lost to history.

Our new potential protégé is Cody. He is also our pooper scooper, lawn maintenance guy and apprentice.

Alex took Cody out with Fritz and Louie one day and let Cody drive on the route.

The second day Alex took Cody out with Max and he drove the whole route. He needed a little instruction on directing the horse with the lines, but Cody picked it up fast – Just look at the grin on that kids face!

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