It is fun to meet new people who are interested in learning more about driving horses. Many people come to us with no experience what so ever and some people come to us with a little experience but want to learn more.


Ingrid and her husband from Boise, ID own a few Norwegian Fjords and has driven them as singles. She wanted to learn how to drive a pair – so we set her up with some of our big boys!


She did very well driving Bru and Mannie  on the first day!



Toward the end of the week, she was learning how to drive through a series of cones. Not that she is interested in competing in the CDEs – but this is a great exercise to learn how to maneuver between any obstacle whether it is tree stumps, cars, kids or pot holes. If you can drive through the cones without knocking off the balls, then you can drive the horses through anything.


These two shots above are Nikko and Maverick going through the cones. Alex had the cones set pretty far apart in the beginning so as not to discourage her or put too much of a challenge on her skills.


Ingrid even had the chance to drive some smaller horses, Max and Louie. Alex moved the cones a bit closer together now that Ingrid had more experience.


After her lessons, Ingrid accompanied Alex while he was working with his other pairs. This is the Classic boys, Bentley and Rolls Royce. They had not been driven for a very long time, so they were not in perfect step but the horses did excellent! Good training in the beginning is not forgotten!


More practice between the cones!



Cones work is good for the driver to experience, so is just driving down the road.


She said she had a wonderful time and wants to come back for more driving lessons. She never did get to see the museums in town the entire week she was here  – just had too much fun either driving or riding with Alex when he hitched up.

Hope you can come back, Ingrid – Your big smiles were fun to see!

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