Patricia Nell Warren came to town for the Kohrs/Bielenberg family reunion. If you have ever been to Deer Lodge, Montana you have probably heard of the Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site. Patricia is the great granddaughter of Conrad Kohrs. Her parents were the ones who preserved the Ranch and everything in it for the National Park Service. And we are sure glad the did! It is awesome if you have not been to the Ranch – put it on your list! Patricia also promoted her new book My West by Wild Cat Press. She has several books in print so you might want to tour the site. If you have trouble ordering from there, let me know I can sell her books too.

image Hope this image shows up ok of her latest book.

The Park Service set up a special tent and had many tours to show the relatives what changes have been made. Of course everyone has wonderful historical stories to share!


DSC_0131 (2)

Patricia is visiting with Laura Rotegard, the Superintendent at the Grant-Kohrs Ranch.

So you may be wondering why I am mentioning this on the school blog?


Alex took Patricia and her assistant – Cat on a drive with Nikko and Maverick.


This pair of horses are great for beginners, parades, or most anything you may want them to do. You can see these horses and others we have for sale on our web site Fraser School of Driving – Horses for sale


The weather was perfect and so was the day and so were the horses. Cat (riding on the back)  is Patricia’s assistant and they just found out they had family in common! I won’t try to explain it here because I will probably get it wrong.


Patricia grew up here in Deer Lodge and loved this photo of the Pintler Mountain Range in the back ground.  She also grew up around horses and was thrilled to be around them again – the smell of a good horse was like perfume to her – or so she said. She has lots of wonderful memories of this valley and wonderful stories to share. You might want to pick up her book My West.  She has a facebook page and the book is available  ay Wild Cat Press.

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