Robert & Andy

The header photo at the top of this page shows Legend and Image in the wheel of this team of four. We had an inquiry from Robert Smith in CA who was interested in a nice big pair, so we invited him to come drive a bunch of horses to see who he liked the best.


Alex took everyone for a drive with Nikko and Maverick first.


Robert drove them back home. With his partner Andy Garcia on the back.


Then Andy had the chance to drive them.


Then Andy had the chance to drive Bru and Mannie with Alex coaching him.


Andy drove the cones and had a clean run. No knockdowns. He was pretty proud of himself! Smile


Robert got the chance to drive Bru and Mannie, thinking this was the pair he wanted. I took more photos of Robert and Andy driving this pair for some reason.


After they drove the cones to see what the pattern was, they went inside the arena and came out to “run the course” at a trot.


He didn’t knock down very many balls – so that was a great drive. Even Advanced drivers will knock down some balls or run over the cones.


Robert also drove Max and Louie through the cones.


Horses and driver doing very well.


Even at faster speeds!


Is that a big smile on Roberts face – or what?


Andy drove the ponies next.



I don’t think Andy was without a smile the whole time he was here!


Alex showed them how to do the cones – FAST!


Last but not least – Andy drove Max as a single pony. He was sold! Literally! Andy fell in love with Max and liked being able to see over a horse instead of around them. So Alex will deliver Max, Legend and Image to California next month, when he will also be teaching a driving clinic at Sargent’s Equestrian Center.


I must have been else where when Robert drove Legend and Image, so here is a photo I took of them earlier in the year.  This is the pair he decided to buy.

We are very proud of our horses and thank Robert and Andy for coming to drive and for buying these beautiful horses. We wish them lots of fun driving them when they get them home. Congratulation guys! It was fun having you here.

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