Alaska 2011

We were invited back to Anchorage to teach another driving clinic. Here are some of the photos – the students are welcome to comment if they wish. Thanks Angelia and Ruth for making it happen.


Alex is giving a little discussion and Q & A time with most of the students.  A couple more showed up a little later.


Angelia came to our school for a week of lessons a couple years ago. She learned a lot and wanted more training and thought it would be great if we could work with the other drivers in her area. It was easier to fly us to Alaska than to have everyone come to Montana. Which, of course, made me very happy –  Alaska was on my bucket list and I was anxious to see some of the sights. We had ten people sign up for the clinic and a few others closer to Kenai who could not make it to Anchorage – so we went down there too. This post will be for the people who were in Anchorage. I will post the Kenai clinic next.


Angelia’s horse Hunter, a Percheron gelding – was such a good boy – after her lessons, he became a lesson horse for other drivers.


Anne took her lesson with a Belgian gelding, John.


Anne is deep in thought as Alex gives her directions.


Ruth, the other coordinator for this clinic – has a wonderful Bashkir Curley mare, named Curley Sue.  She was a sweet driving horse, ready, willing and able to preform.


Ruth took her husband Schatzi around the arena with Ace, their dedicated Jack Rat Terror. No I did not misspell terrier – I used Ruth’s term for him.


Gaila, took some lessons ground driving her horse, Dixie. I can’t remember the complete story and didn’t get any other photos of her. I must have been ground driving someone myself. Sorry, Gaila – I will get more next year.


Diana took her lesson with Hunter.


Diana, with Alex.


Karol drove her gelding, Dan.


Alex was showing Karol how to get Dan to move out,  I assume.


And how to make Dan bend a little.


Karol let her daughter, Jessica take a lesson the second day.


Kelly and her horse Gypsy took a few laps around the arena.



The 2nd day Alex set up some cones so everyone could practice NOT running over them. Kelly is taking the course with Alex.


Kelly taking a tight turn.


I believe this is Kelly’s daughter, Brandy, driving Gypsy.


Susan gets to drive her Fjord, Stiner. Alex is showing her how to hold the lines/reins.


Susan and Stiner trying the cones course.


I am really not sure if Susan stopped smiling all weekend!


I think she is having fun driving.

Susan -Bill_0215

Even when Susan was not driving, she sat with her husband, Bill. Still smiling.


Tiana drove Arrow with her son, Pierce. Hope I spelled his name correctly. He figured out how to get on the carts or carriages with anyone who’d let him!


Tiana and Arrow, taking the course.


Tiana is taking a lesson with Stiner a Norwegian Fjord.


Trish brought her Friesian mare, Arwen, she was not ready to hook to a cart – so Alex gave her some lessons on ground drivin.


part of the early training stages.


And a lesson on double long-lining with Trish and Arwen.


This was really not a horse training clinic, so Alex didn’t go any further with Trish’s horse, but at least she got some pointers on training it herself.


Brandy, took Gypsy for a few spins around the cones course.


Curley Sue got a new Idea Harness!


Ruth loves the new harness and as says Curley Sue does too. She seems to be more comfortable in a nice fitted harness! Congratulations – we knew you would love it.

We are dealers for Ideal Harness if anyone needs harness, lines/reins or anything else from Bits to cruppers.


It is very nice harness – comes in leather or synthetic. Ruth says a new cart is next on her list. Smile


Angelia’s daughter Zoe at a lesson on the last day. This is Ideal Harness too.


I had to use this photo in closing with the mountains in the back.

We enjoyed getting to know everyone and working with them and their horses. Plans are already being made for us to go back in 2012!

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  1. I think this turned out quite nice…Congrats on getting all the students names and better luck next year getting all those horse names! 😉 A challenge for sure!

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