Kenai 2011

Last year we taught a clinic in Anchorage and Sara hauled her team of Norwegian Fjords the 3 hours north to attend. This year she could not make the trip since she opened a feed store Kenai Feed and Livestock Supply. So she put the word out to some of the other drivers in the area and pulled together five other people who wanted driving lessons. Her feed store paid for the use of the facilities so we would have a safe place for the lessons. The arena was too wet so we drove around the rodeo grounds instead.


The Rodeo grounds was actually in Soldotna but for some reason we still refer to it as Kenai – maybe because that is easier to spell…

This is Angela driving her sweet palomino, Dazzle.  Some of the people here either didn’t have the right harness or they didn’t know if their horse was trained to drive. Since this was not a horse training clinic and we only had an hour with everyone – we bunched up and used the horses who were ready, willing and able. Angela shared Dazzle with some of the other participants.

Since we only presented an hour with everyone – I didn’t get all the names. So please forgive me and add it to the comments.
Alex is not comfortable in these little easy entry carts – but this sweet little Icelandic was a true gem and was used for several lessons.

Noel got to drive Dazzle next.  She brought her Fjord but they didn’t get to drive since her harness would not work for the vehicles there.She needed a few more parts first.

Dazzle – was a perfect horse for everyone’s lessons.

Angelia was a wonderful hostess – and chauffeur – she hauled us down to Kenai and caught up on a little work on her computer while we were working with the students. Yes, it rained! A lot.

Waiting their turn, and watching someone else drive.

Sara with her team of Fjords.

Susan and Bill were there too! You may recognize her smiling face from the Anchorage clinic. She was very eager to learn as much as possible so we gave her a few more lessons.

Here is Susan driving the Dazzle, palomino.

Sara hitched to her Pioneer Fore cart – yes we sell these too, but we didn’t sell her this one. Alex is the tall guy – you might not be able to see him since he had on a camouflage rain jacket he borrowed from Bill. Actually for him to be in camo – he needs horses all over the jacket…. someone should work on that!

As I said, we were not there very long, just a few hours, but we hope to be back next year and will spend more time with the people and horses. A great bunch of folks!


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