Cheryl Steeves from Canada came to get a little more driving experience and to try out Fritz a eleven year old grade Morgan we had for sale.


You can tell by the smile on her face – Cheryl was having fun.


Alex set up a small cones course so Cheryl could see why having consistent contact through the lines/reins to the horse’s mouth is important to get a good fast and smooth response. Consistence is kinder for the horse then on-and-off contact. They are more comfortable and understand where You are at all times.


Cheryl and Fritz had a pretty clean run with only one knock down. (That is when the ball falls off the cone if you accidently nudge it with the horse or carriage.)


Very nice! Next Alex will narrow the distance between the cones for a tougher test – which will be required in a real CDE course. Whether someone ever competes in the CDEs or not – it is important to know where to put your horse and carriage in between any obstacle whether it is between two cars, trees or rocks. Its all about driving a horse where he needs to be. Much like driving a car – or a truck and trailer.


Alex asked the neighbors if we could drive through the round bales in the hay field to get some photos and… well, mostly because he loves doing that – camera present or not. He is driving Nikko and Maverick here.

After playing for a while Alex asked Cheryl if she wanted to drive the pair….


I don’t know if she believed him at first or not but she climbed into the passenger seat eager to try it. (Alex has learned it is better if he stays in the driver’s seat while giving a lesson – not only because he likes the wedge seat better – but he has access to the brakes whereas a student may not know how to best use them.)


Cheryl has Nikko and Maverick doing very well for her.


Out in the field….


Making a good turn – horses are still in step. I think she had fun – didn’t you Cheryl? There were not many moments when she didn’t have a big smile on her face – except for a very few times when she was concentrating really hard!


After driving Fritz a couple days she fell in love with him and decided to buy him. Congratulations Cheryl – we hope you have LOTS of fun with Fritz. We know he is going to a very good home.


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