Bentley & Rolls Royce

Its been a very busy summer so far – Alex is getting a lot of horses driven thanks to our daughter Dee for coming back to help.


We call Bentley and Rolls the Classic Boys! They are 1/2 Morgan and 1/2 Belgian geldings, and are full brothers. Bentley is 9 years old, Rolls is 8 years old, both are 16.2 hands tall.

They didn’t get much driving experience this last year or so and of course they aren’t in condition but when Alex hitched them this past week they drove like a dream and like they’d been doing it every day.  They do drive single are very stylish, mannerly and soft on the bit.  However, we will not selling them separately.



Alex is giving me a chance here with this shot to photograph them before he goes out.


Two days later Alex hitched them again for a little more experience.


Out to the neighbor’s hay field, they went to play.




I don’t know how Dee manages to take photos from the Groom’s stand but she did.


Such handsome boys!


Heading home after the photo-shoot. Next they will be the wheel horses in the “New Team of Four”!

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