It is much nicer to drive pairs because two horses get driven in the same hour, but we try to drive everyone single to show that they can. Dee goes along to keep her dad company.


Louie was perfectly happy to be out driving in the hay field. I am not sure what Alex will do for obstacles when they take all the round bales off the field. But for now he takes everyone out there to play and exercise.




Pretty calm stuff – it was getting hot out too. Hot for Montana that is – if it gets in the high 80’s we think it is hot. But the good news is – it’s a dry hot and very low to nothing for humidity. Oh, wait – I am suppose to say something like… it is so hot and dry your lips crack open and your eyelids stick to your eyeballs and your tongue gets parched in the summer and in the winter your spit freezes to your lips before it leaves your mouth. Smile


Here is a brief video I took with Dee’s camera – I am not so good at this – I can’t see as well as I can with a view finder.

Louie driving as a single horse.


Driving back to the barn to hitch a few more horses. If Alex wasn’t so wicked there would be rest for him…. Actually he loves being busy driving horses and teaching.


I know this is suppose to be the horse blog – but while I was out taking pictures of the horses, I had to snap a few shots of the wild sunflowers at the edge of the irrigation ditches.


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