Newest Team of Four

Since we sold two horses from the previous team of four – Alex decided to get another team going. He still may create a whole new and different four – but this is what we have now.


Nikko and Maverick, in the lead, are Percheron / Paint crosses and stand about 16.2 hands tall. Nikko, on the right is 8 years old and Maverick on the left is 7 years old. This is a very sweet pair for anyone just getting into driving. They are easy to catch, load, bathe, hitch or do anything you want.

Benson and Rolls in the wheel, we call them the Classic Boys! They are 1/2 Morgan and 1/2 Belgian Geldings, and are full brothers. Bentley is 9 years old, Rolls is 8 years old, and they both stand at 16.2. They drive like a dream as a pair, they drive single too, but we will not sell them separately. They are very stylish, mannerly and soft on the bit and also bathe, load and do anything you want.


This may look a little boring – because they drove so nice together with very similar leg action. When it comes to hitching a four-up of horses for the first time ever – I LIKE boring!!!! That means it is all going smoothly! And it did.

Our daughter Dee was helping, and so was Donika, who has been a student of ours for so long, we may as well adopt her.


You might want to say, “all the photos look the same!” but if you notice the bales of hay in the background are in different places. The horses really were moving ahead in perfect unison.


I know – they look the same as above but there really were crossing the huge field!


I just could not decide which photos to put up since they were so many the same, but I thought this many photos would really show how well they work as a team.


Ok, finally a different view.


All the horses really pay attention to Alex – well, we all do! When Alex speaks – we listen!


Leaving the field.


I’m driving along side the team in my car – shooting out the opposite window. Good thing there was no traffic in the field and I was a long way from the ditches!

Another shot through the passenger window.


I managed to get ahead of the team heading home.

Go to our web site Fraser School of Driving for pricing each pair.


That’s all for now.


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