I am always tempted to sing the song –  “Lucie in the sky with diamonds” (Beatles)– but this Lucie is in a carriage driving Hercules, her Percheron Gelding. Her husband Dr. Phil Murphy is on the back with Alex. DSC_0024

Alex bought Hercules for Dr Phil and Lucie to replace a horse of theirs that unfortunately died. This beautiful gelding is no stranger to the show ring and will be great for Lucie’s first driving show.


Lucie is driving Hercules and Amos, their team, in front of their Valley Vet Clinic, Deer Lodge, MT.

ps1DSC_0076 - Copy

I took this shot one evening coming home from a lesson. Dr Phil is on the back of the carriage in the navigator position.


Alex is giving Lucie a lesson on a two-wheel show cart – which is much different to drive than a four-wheel marathon vehicle. Lucie has entered the Big Sky Draft Horse Expo (September 17 & 18, 2011) and is learning all she can to compete this year. She is a very accomplished horsewoman in the saddle and now she is learning this whole new aspect of horsemanship. Driving is very different from riding.


I seem to always catch them leaving the barn because they are so quiet coming back that I only have the going-away shots.  I almost forgot to add something Lucie said  “Yesterday I felt the connection with my horse through the lines and I almost cried!” That really touched me – and I thought it was like having an “ah-ha” moment. When you do feel that connection, then you become part of the whole unit – horse and driver as one. It is a nice feeling. Glad you felt it Lucie!

Lucie attended her first draft horse show September 18, 2011. I was busy in the two booths I had – one for the Books and one for some vehicles we were selling for clients – so I missed Lucie’s drive. A good friend of mine, Kae Cheatham, a professional photographer and author – let me use a couple of the shots she took of Lucie at the Expo. Visit her web sites – Kae does some amazing photo-art.

So here is Lucie at the show driving Hercules.


Lucie placed 4th in the Pleasure Cart Class, which was very good for her first event. I think she had fun too!

Thanks Kae for letting me use your images!

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2 Responses to Lucie

  1. Owen says:

    Nice photos, glad to see Milo has every thing under control.

  2. Margaret says:

    I love Lucie!

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