Mahogany Four

Alex keeps trying out new or different teams of four horses to see who works better where and with whom… Because of their various tones of brown colors I named these the Mahogany Four. Mannie and Brubeck are in the wheel and Bentley and Rolls Royce are in the lead. They are priced on Fraser School of Driving as pairs.


This was actually the second day they drove this four but this is the photo that made me think of “mahogany”. I love the dark brown of the wheel team with the lighter brown butts that blend in with the lighter brown of the lead team.


He’ll be comin’ around the bales when he comes…






Below are three short videos of them.

Driving the Mahogany four
Another view of the Mahogany four.
Coming home from the drive.


Leaving the field and heading home as the last video shows.

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