Bragging On Our Students

We are proud of everyone who comes to the Fraser School of Driving for taking the time to learn how to drive horses properly for their own benefit and for the horse’s.  Whether they go on to farm, show or drive just for the fun of it, learning as much as possible is a win-win situation.  We all know this sport can be dangerous but also a lot of fun.  So investing in professional lessons benefits the entire driving horse industry.  Safety is paramount!

We have a few students who have gone on to compete at various shows and thus put themselves in the public eye where photos or videos can be taken and shared.

Kathryn Hatch has been taking lessons with us for several years.  She competed in the CDE’s at Teddy Bear CDE near Spokane, Washington; Happs CDE  in Ethel, Washington and most recently at the High Country CDE near Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Donika went along to help (see the post I did of her earlier, driving a tandem).  She took the following photos and gave me permission to use them here.


Kathryn Hatch and Cletus.P1020969

Doesn’t it look like they are both having fun?


And they won their division!!


Congratulations Kathryn! Way to go Cletus!

Next, I want to boast about a lady named Paula Scott.  She is the person who first talked Alex into driving her team of four Fjords in CDEs.  After getting hooked on the competitions and taking the Fjords as far as they could go, Alex talked Paula into having him find her some small horses that had a chance to go further in the shows.  She agreed and he found her some very nice ponies.  They did very well at several events, then Paula decided to go out on her own, and competed with a single horse at the next CDE, I think it was Shady Oaks CDE.  The only photos I have right now (thanks to Donika) are of Paula at the High Country CDE near Calgary, AB Canada.


Paula drove “Morgan” and “Corvette” as a pony pair – AND won their division too!


Congratulations you guys!


Well done!!


We are excited for our students who compete in the CDEs and especially when they do so well.  Personally, I always figure if you can complete the course and nothing terrible happens – anything else you win is a bonus.

Win, show or place – it’s all about having fun.  Don’t you think so too?!

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