California Clinic 2011

Jeanne Williams at the Sargent’s Equestrian Center brings Alex to California every year to present a driving clinic. This year she sent these photos so I could share with you – it looks to me like they are having WAY too much fun! What do you think?


Alex is giving directions to Belle Davis. Sorry, I don’t have a photo of her horse Bobbi._MG_6423

Alex is giving instructions to Terri Holveck driving her horse G.G.


Robert Smith bought this beautiful pair of Wellington Coach Horses from us after spending about a week trying out a variety of horses. This is him driving Legend and Image!


Here is Robert taken the turns around the hay hazard.


It looks like Robert is having fun! Look at that smile!


Owen Perron is one of our returning students. He has been here twice for a week of lessons each time – and he still takes Alex’s clinics whenever he is around. I heard he had so much fun at this clinic – he didn’t want to go home and stayed until the end of the party!


Owen is driving one of Jeanne’s horses – SEC’s Max. Owen is smart – he figures there is no sense in buying a horse, buying harness and carriage, paying board, feeding it, shoeing it, vetting it and worrying about it – when he can drive someone else’s horse when ever he wants. Plus he can then afford to come to Deer Lodge for a week of having fun driving different horses with us. Way to Go Owen! I heard you made a date to meet our daughter next June in Montana to help drive another team of four horses. Owen helped Alex and our daughter, Dee, hitch our first new team of four last year – Hitching the Four


Alex said Terri’s horse G.G. was a very nice horse to drive.



Alex is giving directions to Debra Smith driving a tandem of Morgan horses. The first day was working in the arena.


The next day they went outside to drive a cones course. Looks like both the driver and horses are doing great!_MG_6461

Andrew Garcia is driving Max – a horse he got from us when Robert bought Legend and Image. See the post I put up of Robert and Andrew when they were here.


Here is Andrew and Max again – taking the turns.


I have no idea why Alex is running – but he gets enough exercise to stay skinny. Not bad for a 60 + year old man! huh?

Maybe it is cocktail time.  Smile

Thanks Jeanne for the photos – they are great! I asked if she had any of her at the clinic but she said… well, I’d better not repeat what she said – but I did steal a photo off her web site Laurelvale Clydesdales. By the way – that wagon she is sitting on used to be our show wagon – way back when we had our hitch of Belgian horses. It is nice to see it put to good use!


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One Response to California Clinic 2011

  1. jeff says:

    Looks like Alex had a couple busy days. Once again, a photo of Alex running….
    The clinic looks like a great place to learn.

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