Pasture pals

Our horses don’t typically get treats during the day – if we want to give them something special in their diets we do it at meal time. There are many reasons we do this and if you really want to know, email me and I’ll tell you. But we wanted to check on the horses out in pasture and give them something special on Christmas Eve so we went out in the field, past the cows to give them a little present.


Alex is giving them some horse cookies from Gerard of Ideal Harness. Stay tuned for news about our association with Ideal Harness USA after the first of 2012.


“May we have more please?”


Even the few further out in the field came in to see what was going on.




Yes, everyone is fuzzy for the winter – this is Montana!


Everyone here at the Fraser ranch – hope you have lots of fun with your equine pals and find time to drive them.

If you are still looking for a good driving horse, check out out web site at the Fraser School of Driving – if you don’t’ see what you want there; we might be able to find the right horse for you. Let us know if we can help.

Happy New Year!

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3 Responses to Pasture pals

  1. Owen says:

    Great photos! You can feel their energy. I want to be there.

  2. Marian says:

    Terrific photos….we love our furry horses in the winter! Drive on !

  3. Waaaahhh…I miss Mannie and Brew!
    Great shots.

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