Kathy from Canada


This does not look like January but it is! 2012 starts off rather mild which is great since Kathy from Canada wanted to take driving lessons this week. It was cold but not icy. Kathy came to Montana from British Columbia with her son Tristan.


She has a couple draft horses but didn’t know anything about driving and wanted to see if it was something she would like or not. She DID like!

They both got to drive horses, but it is more Kathy’s passion than her son’s.


For some reason I didn’t get photos of the first pair of horses they drove, but Nikko and Maverick were used for these lessons.


The driver typically sits on  the right of the carriage but since the foot pedals for the brakes are there, we found it is better to not make those controls available to a new driver until they get more experience on how best to use them.


As part of Kathy’s experience we used Rio as a single for her to drive. Rio will be five years old in 2012. He is a  Haflinger/Paint cross gelding. He stands about 14.1 hands tall. He is for sale on our web site – see the pages for Horses for Sale if you are interested.


He is a sweet driving horse and gave Kathy a nice lesson.


I didn’t follow them on their daily drives so all the photos are taken in the yard so I could run out of the office and take a few quick pictures.


We really enjoyed getting to know Kathy and Tristan and hope they can come back for more driving experience.

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3 Responses to Kathy from Canada

  1. Kathy Novokshonoff says:

    The photos look wonderful. I really look as relaxed as I felt. My biggest concern at getting into driving was that I would be nervous in the cart. I am happy to say with Alex’s calm confidence that I did not feel apprehensive at all. He was able to teach me to drive safely without scaring the wits out of me. I had loads of fun and feel as if I have made two new friends. I would recommend the school to anyone who wants to try out driving in a safe, relaxed atmosphere. I was able to drive two different pairs as well as a single who I would have gladly packed in my bags and taken home with me. It was one of the best learning holidays that I have ever taken.


  2. Kathy Novokshonoff says:

    Oops forgot to add the notify me of comments. I would love to stay a part of this blog.

    • Kayo Fraser says:

      Thanks Kathy! What a wonderful testimonial! Thanks for adding your comments – it means a lot to us that you had fun and were relaxed. That is the best way to learn.
      You are a natural – and we are so happy you enjoyed your experience.

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