January and February 2012

Not a very exciting title – but one that  is findable later on. Only a little news from Deer Lodge –

We have this nice quiet team of Belgian geldings for sale.


They are not on the web site yet – because we may have them sold, we should know soon.

The weather has been so mild in this part of Montana – everyone likes to be outside. Kathryn, a long time student from Dillon came for her “get back in the groove” tune-up lessons for the coming year’s show season.


Rather than bring her own horse this time Kathryn drove Paulo. He is on the web site if anyone is looking for an awesome do-anything pony. Can you believe this was taken January in Montana!? No snow down low.

Ideal Harness USA,  Ideal Harness


You may have seen Gerard and his trailer at the horse shows across the US and Canada.

I have to brag a little here…


I took this photo of Gerard driving his beautiful Friesians four abreast on the chariot at the Big Sky Draft Horse Expo a few years ago. It just tickles me to see one of my photos on a moving billboard!


Donika came the first week in January to drive one of her horses and one of ours as a pair. They had a great time – even in the cold.


We checked on the horses out to pasture about a mile behind us. Everyone got a treat from Alex then came to see if I had anything more.

I hope you are out driving horses and having a great time.


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