New to our stable is a wonderful ride and drive gelding – Guinness.


He is a draft cross and one that is worthy of being a Wellington Coach horse. He is four years old and stands 15.2 hands.


He is a very quiet and sweet horse. He loads, ties, and hitches nice, is easy to catch and be around.


He drives beautifully with great extension. He has great potential for a competition horse but is also quiet enough for a pleasure horse.


Every place we drove him he went without distractions or hesitation.


These photos were taken his first day out with a new bit, harness style and carriage but nothing seemed to bother him.


He drove perfectly with passing cars and the neighbors cows didn’t bother him either.


Look at that extension!

And a bonus – Guinness rides as nice as he drives.


Our daughter, Dianna hoped on him bareback and rode him in the arena and around the yard.


She knew he would be awesome to ride – and he was.


He was even happy to meet the neighbor’s Percherons.


She didn’t try anything fancy with him but took him through several gaits.


He was sweet and responsive!


We did not get any video of him but all these photos shows his willingness to do whatever we asked.

Guinness is will be on the web site soon, hopefully today.

If you are interested in him call us 406-846-3686.

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5 Responses to Guinness

  1. Lobin Frizzell says:

    I am looking for a horse rhat tides and drives. That is kind b/ c i an new to driving.

    • Kayo Fraser says:

      Please give us a call and we will see what we can do to help you become more acquainted with driving so we can help find the right horse for you. Any horse you buy will need you to know how to do harness adjustment to make him comfortable, a proper way to hitch to a vehicle and how to support him if something spooks him. It is also important to know how to cue him to do what you want and understand his cues as well. We would love to help you become a safe and responsive driver – that is when driving get fun! 406-846-3686

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  3. leslie Kirkland says:

    I am in Oklahoma. I saw Guiness on your web site and he sparked my interest. I have competed in 2 cde’s, a pleasure show and a handful of cdd’s. Have had a variety of lessons and am currently searching for a new competition horse. Showing at training level. Would like a max. 3 on disposition scale. Please let me know if this is Guiness and has he competed in anything or had any driven dressage training? Thank you. Blessings

    • Kayo Fraser says:

      Hi Leslie, you can get more details about Guinness if you call Alex 406-846-3686 evenings are best since he is in and out throughout the day. He may take a nap this afternoon – we just put on a three day driving training show with a mini CDE for some of our students. We all have fun – but we are tired today. You might really love Guinness, he is awesome – is there any chance you can come try him? We can meet you at the airport if you can. Please email me direct for better correspondences Thanks, Kayo

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