Palmer, Alaska 2012

Time sure flies by whether you are having fun or not, so you might as well have fun!

I am finally getting a few photos up from the clinics we presented in Alaska this year. To make this simple, I will post the Palmer clinic, then the Homer clinic, then the Fairbanks clinic.


The clinic was held at the SaddleUp Arena Equestrian Center  in Butte – near Palmer, AK.  If you live in the area – this is an awesome facilities with a heated indoor arena for winter use, outdoor arena and stables run by two awesome people.


Brit and Gregory. I didn’t get a good photo of Gregory so I took this off their Facebook-saddleuparena page. He is hard at work on the new stalls.


Just a little chat before we got started.


The weather was nice so we didn’t stay inside too long, this is the only indoor shot I took of the horses.


Everyone didn’t have a trained horse to drive and there were very few carriages, but we were lucky to use this vehicle for the lessons and a couple horses that were well trained for people to drive. Ella is the white horse below belonging to Willy & Mimi Peabody.



Gypsy is the black horse below with Brandy Stevenson. Both horses were very sweet and allowed everyone a chance to drive them. Thanks to their humans for sharing them.




Do you love this view or what?



Looking through my photos I see I didn’t get pictures of everyone driving. Sorry about that. I was either gawking at the Pioneer Peak or giving my ground driving lesson to someone. I am not using any names of the people who took the clinics other than the two horse owners, so I don’t leave anyone out.

We enjoyed the people, the facilities and the horses, and hope to go back next year.

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