Busy Summer!

Now that we are getting a nice snow storm I can sit inside by the fire and review the summer and find photos to share.


Brandy took the driving clinic we presented in Palmer, AK and did very well with her lessons and asked really good questions. Alex told her if she was ever in Montana to come see us, so she did. She apprenticed with us until she had to go home. She was good help in the barn and in the kitchen – we tried to adopt her but her parents would not let her go – so we will just be happy to have her around when we can get her.

On the back is Kathy from Texas.


Kathy came for a week from Texas so she could learn to drive while her husband was hunting/fishing for his vacation. Brandy rode as navigator.


Alex had to show the girls how it was done running the bales as if they were obstacles. He is driving Nikko and Maverick.


Kris and Cindy, two ER nurses from the Bitterroot Valley here in Montana, came for more lessons this time using their team of Norwegian Fjords. I am not sure why I didn’t have any photos of Kris driving – but I think she is hooked, too. They wanted a better vehicle to drive and ordered a Kutzmann carriage and Ideal harness from us.


They wanted Alex to drive their single for a while to be sure she would be ok with the other one, so he and Bandy worked her for a little while. Both mares did great.


Connie and her husband Chris came for lessons from California.


I think Chris enjoyed it as much as his wife did.


Eileen came from Belgrade, MT but all I got with her was the first day out when Alex was showing her how to handle the reins/lines. She came back for more lessons and ordered a Kutzmann carriage from us. She has several Friesians she will drive at home. I will get more photos of her next time.


Jenn came from Choteau just north of us and wanted to learn how to drive so she could go home and drive on their ranch.


Jenny was gifted driving lessons for her birthday from her friends and family. I won’t say which birthday she was celebrating but we were thrilled to make it a special event for her.


John came down from Canada mostly to get away from work for a while. He has a ranch in Texas and had Alex come down there to help him drive a four of his own horses. I didn’t get photos of John driving in Montana – so will just fit this one in when Alex and daughter Dee were in Texas.


Kathryn got to come back for a few more lessons this spring. She has been competing in the CDEs with her own horse but wanted to get a tune-up with one of our horses. She has been with us for around five years now.


KiKi came down from Alaska after taking a clinic with us in Homer. She wanted to learn more about driving so she came for a week and drove several horses. She and her husband hosted us when we were in Homer so we were thrilled to show her around our neck of the woods.


Linda came from Oregon and had so much fun driving she decided to buy Rio and ordered a new Ideal Harness for him and a Kutzmann carriage.


Owen came back from California. This was his third trip to the Fraser School of Driving. He is one of the smartest men we know… he would rather pay to come here and drive different horses than to buy his own horses and have to deal with the expense, chores, vet bills and paying for board, hay or pasture. I hope he doesn’t get bored with us because we sure enjoy having him here.



Peggy came from Canada and wanted a nice driving horse. She fell in love with Paulo and bought him and a new Ideal Harness from us.


Sid came from Anaconda, close by and wanted to learn more about driving horses. His wife has horses and he wanted to know more about it so he could drive with her.

DSC_0013 (2)

Stockton and Timbo came from Washington state wanting to learn more about driving a team of draft horses so we hitched a team of Clydesdales for their lessons. Their mother bought them lessons with us for their Christmas presents last December but they didn’t get to come here until August.


Timbo  raced me to the bridge – he got there first. I didn’t know he was going to be such a hot rod driver!  The boys want to come back for more lessons and we sure will welcome them – very nice young men and a pleasure to be around. Plus they brought a case of fresh picked cherries from their family farm.


Sue came from Washington the first time with her husband and had so much fun she came back with her daughter Mel.


Mel was living in Tennessee so it was a fun reunion for them to get together in Montana for some driving and Mother and daughter time!


Tom and Leslie came from Idaho to see if driving horses is what they wanted to do. I think they both had fun.


Tracy is also a Montanan, living in Anaconda. She volunteers for the Big Sky Draft Horse Expo  here in Deer Lodge and decided she wanted to lean how to “do that” meaning drive horses. We might lose a volunteer and gain an exhibitor!


Eric is here from Bozeman and wanted to learn how to drive draft horses for a potential job. It is November and snowing but that doesn’t mean we can’t drive.


When the weather outside was frightful they came inside where it was delightful. They used a team of Belgians to harrow the arena then Alex set up cones to practice a driving course with this pair.  They hitched the Belgians afterward and harrowed the arena again. Eric got a lot of experience in a short week’s time. He wants to come back for more.


We also had our friends Donika from Bozeman and Wendy from Butte come over with Wendy’s horse, Louie who was newly trained. They wanted Alex to help them hitch him as a pair so he used our Mannie horse with Wendy’s horse.  They all did just fine.

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