Twist & Grant


Donika came over in January, 2013, with her new horse “Grant” (close to the camera) so Alex could check him out for her. They brought in our horse, “Twist”,  from pasture because he would be the closest in size to Grant. Twist had not been driven in maybe two years… (I know, we have too many horses) but Alex knows Twist and his disposition and thought he would be a great horse to use with the new one.

They were the perfect pair, doing everything asked of them.DSC_0323

One thing about a horse that receives a good level of training in his younger years is that training can stay with them even if not driven every day – or maybe it is just their attitude and their trust in the driver. Twist is awesome!


And Grant drove beautifully as well.



They drove together perfectly and they stood quiet too. Nice!

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2 Responses to Twist & Grant

  1. coffeebeans76 says:

    great post. Lovely pictures –

  2. Claudia Burnett says:

    I agree that proper training in young and early years elevate a lot of headache later on. The proper foundation is the basis for all following training. Of course, trust in the handler/driver is another part of it.

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