Percherons and Shiloh Wagon for sale

shiloh-sid (2)A very nice team of Percheron geldings, 5 & 6 years old, very well trained and would be great for a commercial wagon and sleigh ride business. The price has just been reduced to $7,000 for the team – harness is included, or make an offer.  We sell these Shiloh wagons new because they are well built, versatile, easy to maneuver and  has the 5th wheel turning. Located here in Montana. Call us for more info 406-846-3686

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8 Responses to Percherons and Shiloh Wagon for sale

  1. Quackgrass Sally says:

    Beautiful pair. Wish I had money I’d jump right on this. THANKS for the news and I’ll pass the word

  2. Francine Dalros says:

    I am looking for carriage horses

    • Kayo Fraser says:

      Go to our web site we have some nice carriage horses for sale. Alex is in the midwest right now on his bi-annual trip looking for nice driving horses. Give us a call – number is on the web site and let us know what you want – maybe he can find something back there if we don’t already have what you need. Kayo

  3. Kevin Worlton says:

    Do you still have this team?

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