It has been a while since I last put up a post – and for any of you who missed me – I am sorry. Either there was nothing noteworthy going on or we were too busy to post.

I want to show a few photos of Austin, he is a Morgan / Welsh cross, 6 year old gelding, solid black, he stands 14 to 14.1 hands and drives single or as a pair. He is an awesome mover and would be a wonderful CDE prospect. He is sweet to be around, and does everything we have asked of him. He rides and drives and would be a great horse for a novice driver.


Alex had not driven him for several months so he is not in sport condition but bless his heart – he drove like he had been doing it every day. No bad moves, no balking. 


He went down the road with no worries. Alex is driving here with Tom on back,  a student on his way back to Alaska who stopped to take a week of lessons. Tom trains field trail dogs and has been in OK and TX most of the winter. His wife took one of the driving clinic from us in Fairbanks, AK last year.


The very worst thing Austin did was mouth the bit a little not being used to his new bit but you can’t tell except a couple times in a video.


Going over an irrigation ditch full of rushing water was no problem for Austin.


Going either way he hardly cared about it. Traffic doesn’t bother him either.

Here is the video of Austin on his first drive of the season. You may want to turn your speakers down or off – all you will hear is the wind.


Austin enjoying his first outing of the season.


Austin is for sale – go to our web site for prices on all our horses.

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