Horse Progress Days in Montana

Pioneer Coaches in St. Ignatius hosted a demonstration of farming with horses, and showed a variety of wagons, carts and carriages he makes and sells. And even better was a horse and equipment auction.


The Mission Mountains in the background – spectacular!


The auction interested even the young people!


We didn’t get to the site in time to watch the demonstrations – but I took a few shots of some of the equipment. Above is a sulky plow with four horses attached.


Here is a Pioneer Fore cart with bench seat and tongue for driving a team – you can see a little of the plowed ground to the upper right.


Here is a Spring Tooth Harrow with Crumbler attached, behind it is a Spike Tooth Harrow and behind that is a Work Sled – all made by Pioneer Equipment. BTW – we are also dealers for them so if you see something you want, let me know.


A closer shot of the Work Sled and a Stone boat with the fore cart and Training cart made by Pioneer Coaches. We are also dealers for them.


This is one of the Buckboards they make.


This is one of the people haulers Pioneer Equipment makes as well. The team of Belgians belong to Kent & Mary Lou Conner from Corvallis, MT The horses were not for sale, they were there giving rides.


Kent talked Dr Phil Murphy, DVM from Deer Lodge, MT into going for a ride. Dr. Phil & his wife Lucie own a team of Percherons.


I just love this shot!


Horses sold at the sale…I didn’t get prices so don’t ask. Just photos.


Just photos.


A Huge tent was set up for shade and a nice dry place to eat lunch. Weather was nice and the shade was welcome at first – later it felt better to sit out in the sunshine.


Here is the menu –I had the Quarter Horse and Alex had the Percheron.


AND home made ice cream! Yum!


Lorie Hartman a friend of ours from Heron, brought her portable spinning machine to spin some of the wool from their own sheep. It was a curiosity for men, women and kids.

In the back ground is the machine that churned the ice cream.

1-P1030257  P1030255

1-P1030248 1-P1030273

This is Brian Hartman – Lorie’s hubby – and David Sturman, a horse logger from St Ignatius. Both families raise sheep – but David raises Katahdin sheep. I had to look them up – interesting! They don’t need to be sheared and have leaner meat.


Serving stew!


Alex is chatting with Jim and Lyn Jensen form Ox Bow Wagon and Coaches – he made the wagon they are leaning on. Brian is looking into the camera and I don’t know the young man in the black hat.

1-P1030275  Here is the wagon Jim made.


Another face from the past – Leroy Hoversland, DVD from the Ronan area.


Alex with Rex Griffin and Pete Weimer. We talked about how WE are the old timers, now! We have know both of these teamsters for around 30 years – or longer!


Joe Applegate and Dr Phil Murphy, DVM (he is our vet next door)


Charlie (Chuck) Gilman – saddle & leather worker from Garrison – if you look deep into his glasses – you can see me taking the photo and Alex in the orange hat.


Chuck and Dayna with “Squeak” on the wagon.  Mission Mountains in the back!


Kids and puppies – what could be cuter than that!?

1-P1030264  1-P1030271

Speaking of kids – I couldn’t help but watch these kids having fun on the trampoline – notice they took off shoes and socks and extra shirts… just having too much fun!


I believe this is the Pioneer 1/2 ton wagon with seats in the back.


These ponies are around 13.2 or 13.3 hands.


I really hope the Amish didn’t mind me taking photos – I just love the colors these women were wearing!


I enjoyed the people even more than the auction. This little girl was playing with puppies in the wire fence. Our friend Brian bought the wagon behind her.


Leaving the sale – our truck looks good with the mountains in back.It does not have a camper – that is another truck on the other side.

That’s all for now!

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3 Responses to Horse Progress Days in Montana

  1. Quackgrass Sally says:

    Great story and photos. I’m in need of a new carriage harness and know Kayo ‘n Alex are the folks to contact. thanks for the newsy update and i hope I can attend the event next year.

  2. Lorie says:

    Super photos Kayo! It was wonderful to see you and Alex. Hopefully, we can get out to Deer Lodge this summer!

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