Austin’s new people

Austin, a Morgan / Welsh cross, 6 year old gelding, standing just over 14 hands tall, has found a new home in Bridgeport, CA with Gary Waite and his mother Louise.


At 83 years of age, Louise wanted to learn how to drive horses and finally got the chance to do what SHE wanted to do! 


Louise had had riding horses most of her life and learned how to do most everything on the horse’s back, but she found driving a horse was so different because she couldn’t “feel” her horse. We showed her how to feel a horse with the reins in her hands.


Austin drove nice and quiet for her.


Gary did very well too! He didn’t have previous experience with horses, so there were no bad habits to break.


I am not sure at what point they decided to buy Austin, but Gary had to do a quick trip to Bozeman to get the coggins test done so they could take Austin home with them.


With Gary gone for a few hours, Louise enjoyed a lesson with just Alex on board.

I think Mother and son had a great time with us – they said they did and they said they want to come back for more lessons. They are sure welcome, we enjoyed them both very much. Gary’s wife said next time SHE wants to come!

We hope they have many wonderful and fun years together.

DSC_0335 End.

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6 Responses to Austin’s new people

  1. Michael Bonnaud says:

    Austin is going to a beautiful home and great owners who will spoil him rotten.

  2. Gary Waite says:

    Kayo and Alex,

    Thank you so much for a great 4 days. As you said, after 24 hours we felt like family. Words are not sufficient to express our enjoyment and gratitude. I think my Moms hug said it all. You truly impact lives, both people and horses. Austin is a pleasure and has a great spirit. You have the gift of finding and training a good horse (people too).

    Thank you

  3. Gary and his Mom are good friends of ours,and I’m really happy that they sought out your driving school and expertise,I’m sure what they learned and experienced will be very benificial to them in the future.
    We put on Moonlite Ride and Drives once a month here in our area,which Gary and his Mom attended last year and guess they got bitten by the driving bug.
    We are looking forward to them joining us this year with Austin.

    Ron Scandrett
    Smith Valley Nv.

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