Misty and Mocha

We bought this nice little pair of mares knowing some of our students/clients would love them. They are sweet and trained so well, we used them for lessons for Beth Kendall from Shreveport, LA. These mares are about 13.2 hands tall.Beth-crop2sm-DSC_0657

Beth drives miniature horses at home and has driven in the CDEs there. This pair is small for us – but much larger than what she has at home. Of course we also put her with Nikko and Maverick.

Beth-sm-DSC_0603  DSC_0652

They are Percheron cross breeds.  Beth also had the chance to drive a team of Percherons belonging to Dr. Phil & Lucie Murphy.

But this post is about Misty and Mocha…


Alex took the girls to the park the first day out and nothing bother them. When we bought these mares – the guy who trained them drove them over a plastic tarp and had someone use a leaf blower under the tarp to make it flap and wave – and that didn’t bother them either. Kids and baby carriage were not scary to them either.


They are traffic safe and kids can ride or drive them. Of course, for the horses’  sake – we expect the people who buy these mares will know something about driving – even a well trained horse needs their human to know something!!


They both ride and they both drive single – we haven’t hitched them to anything single but knowing the man who trained them – we know they are fine. In fact he said they are even better single!


One of Alex’s favorite things to do at the Park if run up the hill.


Beth seemed to enjoy this too.


Misty and Mocha loved it too!

For these horses and the others we have for sale – go to:


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  1. Elinor Weith says:

    I sent an email to info@….abt the mares misty and mocha. Very interested…pls reply

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