Alex was in the South

Alex was in the southern states from the middle to the end of February, 2015. The reason Alex went to the south was to deliver a very nice pair of our horses, Benson and Navigator to Beth Kendall in Louisiana – they made a deal for him to deliver them to her and drive with her while he was there.

Beth driving Benson and Navigator at the fun show.

Here is Beth driving them at our Fun Show in 2014.

He also took Mannie and Bru with him to join the Caravan for a few days and thought someone might want to buy a very nice, big pair of horses without coming to Montana to see them. Since he had the trailer to deliver one pair of horses – he figured he may as well take a spare pair to sell.

Here they are Mannie and Bru above.

Here are Mannie and Bru in the wheel of a four. I’ve done a blog post of them before but here is their info from our web site :

Mannie and  Brubeck

They are around 17.1 hands tall, bays with wonderful forward movement. Mannie is 12 years old and Bru is 11 years old in 2015. They are Percheron/ Thoroughbred cross full brothers, with wonderful dispositions, great ground manners, load and stands for washing and they love to drive. We have driven them in the wheel of a team of four horses with several other teams in the lead. And they have driven in the lead of a four. They are solid horses, very willing to do whatever you ask of them. You can see more photos of them in the wheel on the blog – Mahogany four.

While in Florida they did get to drive horses with The Caravan for a couple days.

Alex in FL

Florida may be the Sunny South but it was cold! Alex is driving Mannie and Bru in the above photo.

Alex, Beth and Donika

Above photo shows Beth driving Benson and Navigator with Donika Shrauger as her Groom. Alex is driving behind them.

Alex is back in sunny Montana – and it is cold – but you expect that for winter in Montana!

That’s all for now…

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