2016 Fun Show

With over 2,000 photos taken during the 4th of July Fun Training Show… sorting through them is a boggling experience. My new camera takes very high res – so when I tried to make CDs – there was not enough space. With smaller images – I am hoping I can get this blog done so everyone can see what fun we had and how all the drivers improved. Each year people have stepped up and met the challenges that Alex Fraser presents in the obstacles. This year he added a small water hazard – thanks to Phil and Lucie Murphy for sharing their field – and thanks to the rancher upstream for letting some water flow through the ditches for the weekend.

I took way too many photos this year but my new camera has rapid fire and well, I guess I also have shutter finger… so I am trying to limit the number of photos I will share here to ten of each exhibitor. At the end I will include some video of Alex Fraser and Donika Shrauger in their drive-off.

We had some awesome volunteers this year – who make all this work smoothly. Donika does an amazing job of organizing the whole event.


Beth Kendal from Shreveport, Louisiana

Beth is driving Misty and Mocha since the horses she bought from us last year had not acclimated to Montana’s altitude in time to compete. This is her fourth year coming to Fraser School of Driving. She loves it here so much – she just got a job as a Principal for two schools in the north part of Montana. Talina is her groom/navigator who came back to Montana from her new job in Washington state. Talina has volunteered here the last three years.

Beth Kendall

1-DSC_4228 1-DSC_4234 1-DSC_4238 1-DSC_4255 1-DSC_4258 1-DSC_4268 1-DSC_5596 1-DSC_5610
















Cindy Brengman, Stevensville, Montana

Cindy is driving a pair of Norwegian Fjords she and Kris Fuller own together. They navigate for each other.



























Debra Gardner, Corvallis, Montana

This is the first year Debra competed as the driver. She was navigating for her husband Don but thought it looked like fun, and decided to give it a try with they single horse. She did Great!

1-DSC_3277 (2) 1-DSC_3280 (2) 1-DSC_3292 (2) 1-DSC_3307 (2) 1-DSC_3332 (2) 1-DSC_4607 (2) 1-DSC_4619 (2) 1-DSC_4756 (2) 1-DSC_5910 1-DSC_5919

















Don Gardner, Corvallis, Montana

Don has come to our show since the beginning, four years ago. He continues to improve his driving skills and his turnout.

1-DSC_4162 1-DSC_4166 1-DSC_4197 1-DSC_4204 1-DSC_4470 1-DSC_5217 1-DSC_5644 1-DSC_5654 1-DSC_5664 1-DSC_5672

















Doug Graves, Belgrade, Montana

Doug and his wife Eileen Wallin are grooming / navigating for each other this year with their pair of Friesian mares.

1-DSC_4105 1-DSC_4108 1-DSC_4134 1-DSC_4480 1-DSC_4834 1-DSC_4851 1-DSC_4863 1-DSC_5586 1-DSC_5591 1-DSC_5778

















Eileen Wallin, Belgrade, Montana

Eileen groomed for her husband Doug and now gets to drive her Friesian mares through the courses. She and Doug have been coming to this training show since the beginning, four years ago.

1-DSC_3510 1-DSC_3523 1-DSC_3545 1-DSC_3547 1-DSC_3560 1-DSC_3562 1-DSC_4581 1-DSC_5110 1-DSC_5158 1-DSC_5320

















Heather Hollandsworth, Elliston, Montana

Heather, drove a pair of Haflingers she and her mother Kate own. They have been coming to the show for four years.  Her sister, from Alaska, is grooming/navigating for her this year, while grandma took care of the kids.

DSC_4309 DSC_4316 DSC_4317 DSC_4335 DSC_4650 DSC_4663
















JoJo Copal, Big Timber, Montana

This is the first year JoJo has been to our training show. She has competed in the real CDEs but heard how much fun we have in Deer Lodge so she decided to join in. Her groom is Kathryn Hatch from Dillon. Kathryn has competed in CDEs also.

1-DSC_3582 1-DSC_3601 1-DSC_3630 1-DSC_3632 1-DSC_3638 1-DSC_4966 1-DSC_5335 1-DSC_5887 1-DSC_5891 1-DSC_5905

















Kris Fuller, Corvallis, Montana

Kris and Cindy groom / navigate for each other while taking turns driving their Norwegian Fjords. They have been coming to this training show since its conception four years ago.

1-DSC_4561 1-DSC_4556 1-DSC_3500 1-DSC_3498 1-DSC_3473 1-DSC_3467 1-DSC_3458 1-DSC_3452 1-DSC_3435 1-DSC_3424

















LeeAnn Corlett, Drummond, Montana

Last year LeeAnn drove one of our horses, but this year she drove Olive, her own Haflinger. They both did awesome! Her groom was Kurt Tritten from the Swiss Ranch in Hall, Montana. This was his and Frances’s first exposure to this craziness – I think they are hooked!

1-DSC_3937 (2)

1-DSC_3961 (2)




1-DSC_3971 (2)

1-DSC_3966 (2)




1-DSC_4010 (2)

1-DSC_5072 (2)




1-DSC_5094 (2)












Linda Fehrenbacher, Terrehoval, Oregon

Linda has been coming from Oregon every year since the first show in 2013. Her husband Ty, has been a wonderful volunteer every year as well. Linda is driving Rio, a sweet pony she bought from us. Her groom was Katelynn Self, a “granddaughter” who has wanted to come for a couple years.

1-DSC_5430 (2)





1-DSC_37481-DSC_5827 (2)



1-DSC_5426 (2)
















Lucie Murphy, Deer Lodge, Montana

Lucie is driving June Bug a quarter horse mare she trained to drive. Her navigator is Joanna Rogers-Liston  from the driving club at Montana State University. She has come every year to volunteer for this event.

1-DSC_3680 1-DSC_3707 1-DSC_3721 1-DSC_3735 1-DSC_3737 1-DSC_4900 1-DSC_4907 1-DSC_5373 1-DSC_5378 1-DSC_5806

















Phil Murphy DVM, Deer Lodge, Montana

Phil got hooked on driving a few years ago and has been driving our horses, Nikko and Maverick the last few years – he considers these horses – his – so we can’t sell them. 🙂 His groom /navigator is none other than his “butter from another utter” Alex Fraser

1-DSC_3836 1-DSC_3847 1-DSC_3871 1-DSC_3896 1-DSC_3904 1-DSC_4624 1-DSC_4741 1-DSC_5031 1-DSC_5486 (2) 1-DSC_5948 (2)

















Sarah Fiske, Butte, Montana

Sarah is relatively new to driving. She has been taking lessons for a few months, and was excited to attend this fun show. She is using Mya here with Alex as her navigator/groom.

1-DSC_3387 1-DSC_3404 1-DSC_3408 1-DSC_4489 1-DSC_4690 1-DSC_5270 1-DSC_5271 1-DSC_5288 1-DSC_5296 1-DSC_5792

















Talina and Joanna have been awesome volunteers – and they got the chance to drive for the fun of it.

Talina-DSC_4359 Talina-DSC_4389 Talina-DSC_5678
Joanna-DSC_4426 Joanna-DSC_4447 Joanna-DSC_4452















A few fun photos from the show this year:

Funshow-Group-with missing people-DSC_5747







Group shot. We had to add heather, Kris and Cindy – since they couldn’t be here on Sunday













Kris washing- DSC_3247













Ty is the official BBQ chef: Yes, he is a bit wild – and politically misguided but we love him anyway.

I will attempt to put on some video of Alex Fraser and Donika Shrauger’s runoff.

Hazard 1  https://youtu.be/ViY5es18_h4

Hazard 2 https://youtu.be/TQxnvdOTdlg

Hazard 3 https://youtu.be/1CR78sNG_cE

Hazard 4  https://youtu.be/CU22_LrNmgM

Hazard 5  https://youtu.be/mHWNLWHDyq0

Hazard 6  https://youtu.be/RaYvT87PI7A

Okay that is all folks – hope this didn’t jam your computer!

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2 Responses to 2016 Fun Show

  1. Deborah Hoffman says:

    Great pics, blog. Makes me wish I could have been there.

    On Aug 6, 2016 4:29 PM, “Fraser School of Driving” wrote:

    > Kayo Fraser posted: “With over 2,000 photos taken during the 4th of July > Fun Training Show… sorting through them is a boggling experience. My new > camera takes very high res – so when I tried to make CDs – there was not > enough space. With smaller images – I am hoping I can g” >

  2. Stacy Reid says:

    Love this!

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